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Contact details are as follows:
T: +1 441 400 6000
Email: complaints@acumengroup.com

Acumen is committed to render the best possible service to our clients. We understand that on occasion, mistakes are made and we may fail to meet our own standards and the expectations of our clients using our services offered.

In the event you are unhappy with any aspect of service provided by Acumen or where we make a mistake, we rely on your feedback to help improve our service and standards.

How Acumen handle your complaint:

In the first instance you can share your concerns with the Acumen staff member who will do their best to bring about a quick resolution.

You may make your complaint in writing or verbally at any time using the contact details provided on our website.

To help us fully investigate your complaints, please provide us with the following information:

  • Type of Service and in which jurisdiction service was provided
  • Details of Services
  • Point of Contact on Service provided
  • Details of your concern/complaint
  • Details of who your complaints is against
  • Details of any previous correspondence or feedback on how you would like your complaint resolved

Acumen Group operates a two-stage complaints process for complainants.


We will endeavour to respond to your complaint as quickly as possible, however if we cannot resolve your complaint immediately then we aim to acknowledge all complaints in writing, no later than 3 business days after receipt. Complaints received in the first instance will be recorded and acknowledged by Acumen Group.


We will aim to resolve the complaint and provide you our stage one response within 14 Days. If for whatever reason this is not possible, we will contact you to explain the reasons why and let you know how long our investigations are likely to take.

Complaints Resolved by the close of the third business day

Following receipt of a complaint and where a complainant has confirmed their acceptance of a proposed resolution within 3 business days, we will provide the complainant with a summary resolution communication (SRC) in writing within 5 business days of receipt of that complaint.

Stage two complainants:

If 14 Days have passed since making your complaint, you remain dissatisfied with our stage one response/SCR, we have not completed our investigation or we have not sent you our stage one response, you are entitled to request a stage two review.

On completion of their review, Acumen Group will issue a written Final Response to the complainant, detailing the outcome of their investigations. This investigation and Final Response will be completed within eight weeks from when the initial complaint is made. Where a Final Response cannot be made within the time, Acumen Group will send a letter to the complainant explaining why it is not in a position to provide a Final Response and when it expects to be able to provide one.

Who can complain:

  • individuals acting for and behalf of organization Acumen Group provided services to;
  • professional clients and eligible counterparties, where the person is an individual acting for and behalf of organization Acumen Group provided services.

Should you not fall within any of these categories please contact us as we still may be able to redirect your complaint to the appropriate area or explain to you why we are unable to assist.

If you appoint someone to act on your behalf:

If you ask someone else to act on your behalf, you should provide us with written authority to allow us to deal with them directly.

If you employ a professional to represent you, you will need to meet their costs yourself.