Acumen Group Ltd currently has offices located in Bermuda, Cayman Islands, Mauritius, Singapore, South Africa and the United Kingdom which allows us to provide local knowledge with global experience to all our clients.

About Each Jurisdiction


The Bermuda Islands is a leading and well respected financial centre for international business. Through its world leading captive insurance industry the country enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world.

Bermuda’s legal, regulatory and accounting systems adhere to a high ethical and current transparency standards which makes it an ideal locations for foreign companies wishing to conduct business on international standards.

The Bermudian economy is not just all business as tourism is the second largest contributor to its economy with it class leading luxury hotels and beaches.

Bermuda’s sophisticated workforce and infrastructure, state of the art communications, ease of access, its political and economic stability, as well as its spectacular beaches and golf courses, all combine to make Bermuda an attractive choice for both business and pleasure.


The Caymanian economy is one of the strongest in the Caribbean and with a thriving offshore financial service sector which includes banks, insurers and mutual funds it enjoys one of the highest standards of living in the world.

The Cayman Islands are also a leading tourist destination with the tourism industry being one of the main contributors to the Caymanian economy with its beaches, coral reefs and abundant marine life.

The Cayman Islands’ stable economic and political climate, absence of exchange controls, modern infrastructure and state of the art communication system gives it a competitive advantage that makes it an attractive place to do business.


Situated at a strategic location in the Indian Ocean and with a favorable time zone of GMT +4, Mauritius is internationally recognized as a leading economy with social, political and economic stability. Ranked first in Africa in the World Bank “Doing Business 2019” report, Mauritius is a well established business destination through its financial ecosystem offering a plethora of services.

As an innovation driven and knowledge-based economy, the island is underpinned by a broad spectrum of sectors offering excellent business opportunities in fields such as Ocean Economy, Financial Services and Manufacturing.

Mauritius exudes a sense of confidence and stability for business through its access to a well-educated and bilingual (French/English) workforce, and an efficient and regulated financial system.


Singapore is one of the most affluent cities in the world, establishing itself as a global hub for trade and finance. It serves as the world’s busiest shipping port and a top location for investments in the Asia Pacific Region.

 The city-state is home to 5.6+ million residents and known for its cleanliness, low corruption rate, education, health & safety standards along with its modern infrastructure. It’s strategic geographic location, efficient government and attractive tax policies offer a business-friendly environment for entrepreneurs and start-up business incorporations.

 Tourism is a major pillar to the Singaporean economy and attracts millions each year for its diversity in cultural arts, ethnic cuisine, festivals and famous attractions. Information and Communication Technologies are also contributors to Singapore’s success, making it one of the most competitive and innovative countries according to international rankings.


Johannesburg is the economic and financial hub of South Africa where all the major banks and Africa’s largest stock exchange (JSE) is located.

The city is the continent’s leading place for foreign direct investment with the majority of investments flowing into the financial service sector. The financial service sector offers a balanced access to various sources of finance, including credit, venture capital, equity and insurance.

Through its sophisticated banking system, backed by sound regulatory and legal framework ensures institutional safety and soundness to local and foreign investors alike.


London is described as one of the world’s most important global cities and has been termed the world’s most desirable, sustainable and most popular for work city in the world.

The city is one of the pre-eminent financial centers in the world and is a leading location for international finance and internationally traded insurance and reinsurance business, with specialty in marine and aviation business.

The class leading regulatory environment in London provides the city with a competitive edge in the finance, insurance and reinsurance sectors.


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